MuniRem Technicians sprayed old dynamite sticks to neutralize weeping NytroglycerineRecovered munitions from Civil War era rendered safeMuniRem Environmental munitions destruction and decontamination at Camp Minden, LAMuniRem Reagent is activated with water after being tilled in to contaminated soilBefore and after cleaning explosives contaminated equipment with MuniRem Reagent
Energetics Disposal

MuniRem is a scalable and versatile solution for chemical neutralization and destruction (or disposal) of a

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Soil Remediation

Contaminated soils treatment involves mixing MuniRem Reagent into the soils and adding water to achieve

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MuniRem Reagent insures instant neutralization of bulk explosives to non-toxic, end products and

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Decontamination applications involve spraying the MuniRem solution on building walls, large equipment

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OB/OD is an uncontrolled treatment technology compared with enclosed alternative technologies

MuniRem® – A Proven Viable Alternative to the Disposal of Explosive Wastes by Open Burning/Open Detonation (OB/OD)
MuniRem® is a patented, trademarked chemical reagent that has been proven effective for safely neutralizing and destroying civil and military ...

UXO Technician

Major Decontamination Project Completed Successfully
July 31, 2022 MuniRem Environmental, LLC successfully completed a major project to completely decontaminate buildings and equipment previously used for ...

Video published by NAI on Dr. Nzengung
The National Academy of Inventors posted a video on YouTube about Dr. Nzengung and his work at the University of ...

Dr. Nzengung in his UGA Laboratory

UGA Published an article on Dr. Nzengung
Athens, GA – September 15, 2020. The University of Georgia published an article on Dr. Valentine Nzengung. The story is ...