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Decontamination of Commercial Explosives Manufacturing Equipment and Buildings using MuniRem Reagent Solution

Recrystallized explosives
Recrystallized explosives on steam decontaminated kettle lid
Decontamination of equipment with a solution of MuniRem Reagent

Engagement details

Client:  Commercial Explosives Manufacturers

Site:   Multiple in USA and International

Task:  Routine maintenance of explosives manufacturing facilities

Date:   Ongoing


Manufacturers of explosives routinely clean their equipment and work areas with steam. The wastewater generated during the cleaning effort is collected and treated at on-site wastewater treatment plants. Steam cleaning is a phase transfer procedure, meaning the explosives are simply dissolved and not destroyed. When the residual water dries the explosives recrystallize and pose an explosive hazard.

Steam decontamination also generate a significant amount of reactive wastewater (i.e., a hazardous waste) that must be disposed at an additional cost. The explosive contaminated wastewater may seep into cracks in the concrete and accumulate dangerously high levels of explosives over the years.  The explosives manufacturing industry has an immediate need for an explosive destruction solution for routine cleaning and maintenance of their manufacturing equipment and work area. Such a solution must not generate a hazardous waste as an end product.


MuniRem is a successfully demonstrated chemical reduction technology for multiple explosives (e.g., AN, black powder, DNTs, HMX, RDX, TNT, picrate, lead styphnate, lead azide, PETN, pyrotechnics, propellants, tetrazene, trinitroresorcinol, TNB, NG), chemical warfare agents such as mustard, and for remediation of chlorinated organics and metals.  The MuniRem chemical reagent employs uniquely formulated reduction chemistry to catalyze near instant neutralization of bulk explosives and rapid destruction of MC. The reagent is packaged and shipped in powder form.

When the MuniRem reagent is applied to explosives and water is added, it generates free radicals that react very rapidly to completely degrade oxidized organic compounds, such as explosives and chlorinated organics into non-hazardous, non-energetic end-products. Explosives manufacturers apply the MuniRem reagent as a powder or aqueous solution during routine cleaning and maintenance of their production facilities


Manufacturers of explosives now have MuniRem as a cleaning solution that is easy to use. The spray application of MuniRem liquid destroys explosives and generates wastewater characterized as a Non-hazardous waste. Our MuniRem solution is flexible and scalable with a “pay-as-you-go” model, requires NO material upfront costs.

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