Achieving DoD Level 5x Decontamination without Thermal Treatment

We have been asked if MuniRem Reagent can achieve DoD level 5x decontamination, as there is out of date information in some places that implies only thermal treatment can achieve this.

However, in several significant projects, equipment decontaminated only with MuniRem Reagent in solution was certified by a UXOSO/QSC to be Level 5x and the material safe for routine transportation off-site for recycling or reuse. At the Savannah River Harbor Expansion site, recovered civil war munitions were rendered safe by MuniRem – for handling, transportation, restoration and for the purpose of exhibition in public museums.

Before and after decontamination to 5X level by soaking in MuniRem solution
Half shell before and after soaking in MuniRem Reagent solution – achieving 5x level decontamination

A major demilitarization project presented severely munitions contaminated buildings and equipment. It was initially assumed by the customer and prime contractor that MuniRem would render the facilities safe for work but that subsequent thermal treatment would be required to achieve Level 5x for the equipment. In fact, Level 5x was achieved by the MuniRem treatment alone and the planned follow-on thermal treatment was not required.

In our case studies booklet, studies 6, 7 and 10 are examples of the achievement of DoD level 5x decontamination.

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