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Application of MuniRem as a Solution for Management of Engergetic Residues in Indoor Training Ranges

Indoor Range Residues
Indoor Range Residues
MuniRem Reagent is shipped in convenient 45lb pails.

Engagement details

Client:  United States Department of Defense

Site:   Multiple Indoor Training Ranges, USA

Task:  Alternative Solution for Cleaning Indoor Range Propellant Residues

Date:   Ongoing


The increased used of fragile ammunition in military training ranges in order to limit lead exposure results in increased generation of residues as well as a color change in the residue. The range residue is generated in multiple indoor ranges from fired small arms ammunition made from propellants.  The propellant/gun powder material in bulk form is considered a hazardous material with 1.3 classification.

Interim analytical results indicate that the propellant residue collected from the floor of some indoor ranges consists of approximately 90% unburnt double base propellant.  Therefore, the propellant residue may be considered as a reactive hazardous waste with a DOT classification of 1.1 to 1.3.

To enable the DoD to continue with its use of the fragile ammunition in its indoor range training exercises, a management solution for the energetic residue deposited on the range floors is desired.


The development of cleaning and management procedures for the energetic residues in the indoor ranges was preceded by bench scale tests. The tests confirmed that MuniRem is an effective reagent for the rapid neutralization and destruction of the neat propellant and the range residues. During routine range cleaning events, the MuniRem powder is sprinkled over the propellant residues then sprayed with water to stimulate a rapid energetic neutralization reaction. The residue is collected from the floor after 1 - 2 hours, placed in drums and labeled as a non-hazardous waste after confirmatory sampling. For self performing military sites and range management contractors, MuniRem Environmental (MRE) offers on-site training to the staff. The MuniRem powder is purchased from MRE and shipped to the military installation in United States Department of Transportation approved containers. MRE has developed standard operation protocols for cleaning of energetic indoor range residue on the floor and other surfaces.


The MuniRem reagent is effective for cleaning energetic waste in indoor ranges. The energetics are neutralized and destroyed, while the metals are stabilized as the insoluble metal sulfides. Thus, the MuniRem cleaning procedure generates a Non-Hazardous waste. Our MuniRem solution is flexible and scalable with a “pay-as-you-go” model, requires NO material upfront costs.

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