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Application of MuniRem® in support of large scale demilitarization contracts

Discarded Military Munitions (DMM)
Discarded Military Munitions (DMM)

Engagement details

Client: International Demilitarization Contractors performing on USDoD contracts
Site: Multiple Demilitarization Facilities, USA
Task: Non-thermal chemical destruction of explosives in support of demilitarization
Date: 2015 - 2020


In many countries, excess stockpiles of obsolete or unserviceable munitions and munitions captured
during armed confrontations have reached a level requiring demilitarization on an industrial scale. In most
countries, it is a race against time as the ammunition tends to become unsafe with age. Since states
rarely have the capacity to demilitarize the surplus ammunition stockpiles, they often turn to the
demilitarization industry.
New regulatory requirements are generally becoming more stringent and unfavorable to thermal based
demilitarization. As a result, there is a growing need for safer and greener alternatives to decontaminate
different types of energetic materials (EM) and energetics materials contaminated wastes (EMWC). The
most desired solutions must be safe, readily available, assure a high degree of decontamination on a
variety of EM and EMCW, produce little or no waste, and be cost-effective.


The efficacy of rapid chemical destruction of explosives by MuniRem as a viable alternative to thermal destruction of explosives in different materials has been successfully demonstrated and validated on multiple field scale projects. The MuniRem powder is shipped in United States Department of Transportation approved containers via air, land or by sea. Decontamination of bomb casings and demilitarization scrap metal is achieved either by spraying MuniRem solution on large bomb casings or soaking the scrap metals (including bombs shells, bomb fragments, breached projectiles) in MuniRem baths. The decontamination occurs when the contaminated surface is soaked in high strength MuniRem solution (>15%) and allowed to react for 2 - 4 hours. MRE has developed standard operation protocols for decontamination of explosives contaminated scrap metal and other demilitarization wastes for self-performing clients.


Our MuniRem solution is flexible and scalable with a “pay-as-you-go” model, requires NO material upfront costs. Typical MuniRem costs are 30-50% less than traditional for demilitarization methods once you include the permitting required, time involved, labor required and disposal of waste. No air permits are required to apply MuniRem in support of demilitarization.