Corporate Social Responsibility

MuniRem Environmental is paying it forward in Africa with its technical support to local Agricultural Cooperatives focused on Food and Energy security. As a pioneer in the application of a portfolio of innovative green remediation technologies for metals, explosives, petroleum, and pesticides in various media, the MuniRem Environmental team of experienced scientists and professionals are making a difference in Africa by repurposing its technology to benefit local farmers and families.


MuniRem has partnered with cooperatives such as ‘Food and Energy Security Cameroon Cooperative Society’, (FESCAM COOP), a cooperative society established to seek innovative solutions to challenges in Food and Energy Security and headquartered in the Republic of Cameroon.


With a focus on enhancing soil fertility to increase crop yield and reforestation, FESCAM Coop has branded an organic soil amendment called “QwikGro” through a research team headed by MuniRem’s CEO, Prof. Valentine A. Nzengung. This product significantly increases the efficiency of crop cultivation and reduces the need for traditional chemical fertilizers, while greatly enhancing crop yields and protecting human health and the environment.


As a derivative of Biomass, renewable oils and gases are also co-produced in QwikGro’s production process and can be used as fuel or fuel feedstocks. QwikGro thus offers soil productivity and climate mitigation through Carbon sequestration.


QwikGro will have tremendous long-term health benefits to the population as it reduces chemical fertilizer use in agriculture. FESCAM COOP has benefited from MuniRem’s corporate donations and technical support in its rollout of QwikGro to local farmers in Central Africa for testing, and in its production of environmentally friendly and healthy cooking charcoal briquettes for use by low-income families.


You can support MuniRem’s efforts by donating to FESCAM COOP.