Decontamination, Disassembly and Demolition (D3)

Explosives manufacturing, handling, and storage plants routinely need to decontaminate their equipment and facilities to address their safety risks.  MuniRem Environmental’s turnkey services include sampling, decontamination, and deconstruction of expired or deteriorated equipment, scrap materials, facilities under renovation, and closed facilities.  Our clients include both commercial and defense explosives manufacturers as well as handling facilities worldwide.

Prior to disassembly and demolition of any decontaminated facilities and materials, our Senior UXO Safety Officers must certify that the highest level of decontamination, that is 5X or Material Documented as Safe (MDAS), has been achieved.  The safety of our MuniRem decontamination and the short time needed to achieve MDAS (5X) level helps to reduce risk, control costs, manage scheduling, and unlock the residual value of our clients’ assets.

Recent reports published by National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine (2018) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (2019) recognize our MuniRem solution as a mature technology for decontamination of explosives, contaminated building fixtures, and equipment.  The United States Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB) has approved MuniRem for decontamination and demolition projects at many of its installations.