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Decontamination of Equipment Contaminated with Lead Azide

Engagement details

Client:  Confidential Aviation Industry Client

Site:  Operating Manufacturing Facility

Task:  Decontamination of and dismantling of HVAC and Manufacturing Machinery

Date:  May, 2019


Manufacturer needed to have robotic manufacturing machinery dismantled and removed. Machinery was heavily contaminated with Lead Azide. During a preliminary site visit by a MuniRem expert, it was identified that HVAC system serving the area was also heavily contaminated with Lead Azide. As a result HVAC was immediately deactivated and MuniRem Environmental was requested to carry out decontamination and dismantling of the HVAC and manufacturing machinery as a matter of urgency.


A team of Munirem UXO technicians mobilized to the site and used MuniRem-R811E reagent to render the HVAC system safe for dismantling, full decontamination to MDAS (5X), and off-site recycling. Likewise the manufacturing equipment was rendered safe (MDAS), dismantled and recycled off-site as scrap. The entire project was carried out over five weekdays and a holiday weekend, returning the facility to normal working on Tuesday morning.


Client facility was restored to safe condition for normal work after the eight day project. All Lead Azide contamination was fully neutralized with MuniRem reagent and the  equipment certified as MDAS. HVAC and machinery were sold as scrap after certification as non hazardous, MDAS, by our Senior UXO Safety Officer and UXO Technician.