Case Studies

Decontamination of explosives contaminated equipment and building walls by MuniRem®

Explosives contaminated conveyor system
Conveyor with chunks of H-6 explosive
Technician and equipment for building decontamination project
Small footprint set up for building decontamination with MuniRem Reagent

Engagement details

Client: Confidential private industry client
Site: Explo Systems, Inc. Site. Former Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, Camp Minden, Louisiana, USA
Task: Decontamination of equipment and building
Date: Jan – Feb, 2015


H-6 (1.1D) explosives contamination was present in bulk and residual form on a Melter/Flaker machine within a building, as well as all fixtures within the building. After review of multiple solutions, the client specified the use of MuniRem Reagent for safe recovery and neutralization of the bulk explosives to remove the explosion hazard for safe disassembly of all equipment and decontamination of the Bay area building fixtures. The photo below shows the small footprint of MRE’s decontamination set-up next to the building of interest.


An initial spray application of MuniRem solution in hallways and the Bay containing the Melter/Flaker machine desensitized H-6 contaminated surfaces and provided safe ingress/egress for staff. The sprayed MuniRem solution successfully desensitized, soaked, and cleaned loose materials in the Bay. The sprayed walls, ceiling, hood, and all equipment surfaces were rinsed after confirmation of complete explosives decontamination. Applied MuniRem solution on the floor progressively dissolved and destroyed the explosives in cracks during equipment and Bay decontamination.


The project team decontaminated walls, floors, ceilings and disassembled equipment as well as achieved regulatory level compliance in the final disposition of waste streams (liquids and solids) for characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, explosivity, and toxicity. According to regulatory and explosive safety qualified professionals, “the Bay work area is now the cleanest and safest place within the Building.” The project team successfully adapted MuniRem application practices to overcome inclement weather conditions that were unusual for the Camp Minden region; two days of snow, freezing rain, and multiple days with temperatures below freezing.