Green Remediation Technologies that Address Climate Change

Our past project experiences and innovative technologies development efforts continue to grow our portfolio of green remediation technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of environmental remediation solutions, while in some cases providing our clients carbon credits that are bankable. The combination of biochar produced from waste biomass, microorganisms and green plants offer low-cost, versatile, and robust environmental cleanup solutions, such as:

  • Biochar enhanced phytoremediation
  • Biochar enhanced bioremediation
  • Biochar enhanced constructed treatment wetlands
  • Engineered Biochar catalysts
  • Engineered biochar filtration media
  • High value biochar compost
  • Aluminum dross and iron slag treatment media

These green remediation technologies are applied to treat nutrient rich agricultural and industrial wastewater, acid mine waste, coals ash leachate, landfill leachate, and contaminated soils and groundwater.