MuniRem Gets Demilitarization Project Back On Track

The 150 mm pipe (discharge end) before set up

In a former munitions factory in a major metropolitan area, a pipe was discovered that was packed with crystalized TNT. Thanks to MuniRem, the TNT was safely destroyed in situ, allowing the demilitarization project to proceed on schedule.

During the Summer of 2013, a firm that is a worldwide leader in providing munitions response  services got an unexpected surprise during the investigation and assessment of buildings at a former munitions factory in a major metropolitan area. During inspection of a room that had been a press bay, EOD technicians discovered a pipe packed with residue that was quickly established to be crystallized TNT. The steel pipe was 25' long with the majority concealed in the building structure.
With the site in the heart of an affluent neighborhood, no solution that risked an explosion could be contemplated and it was clear that the TNT had to be neutralized in situ. The work on the site came to a standstill and a call for help went out to Valentine Nzengung of MuniRem Environmental, LLC. Arriving on site a few days later, Valentine supervised the use of MuniRem solution to completely, safely and quickly neutralize the TNT in under 48 hours. The resulting solution that was flushed from the pipes was demonstrated to be completely hazard free and approved for disposal as a non-hazardous waste at a public wastewater treatment plant.
All other approaches to the problem that had been considered would have required closing down a major part of the metropolitan area with substantial risk to adjacent properties, which were largely glass clad high rise buildings. Thanks to MuniRem, the problem was resolved with no impact to the community and minimal delay to the project.

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