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In-Situ Rapid Chemical Degradation of Munitions Constituents in Soil by MuniRem Reagent

MuniRem Reagent is applied to contaminated soil.
MuniRem Reagent and activators are easily applied to the contaminated soil.
Tilling in
Reagent and activators are tilled into the explosives contaminated soil
Blackened soil characterizes the neutralization of chunks of explosives in the hotspot areas

Engagement details

Client:  Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Site:   Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant (“AAP”), Ohio
Task:   In-situ Rapid Chemical Degradation of Munitions Constituents in Soil by MuniRem Reagent

Date:   October 2009


The test site is an inactive and unoccupied government-owned Operations Support Command site that was previously active from 1941 to 1992.  The selected test area was approximately 45’ x 20’ in size. Based on an initial sample, primary explosives of concern (and associated baseline levels of contamination) were: TNT (383 mg/kg), RDX (180 mg/kg) and HMX (15 mg/kg). Discrete sampling (EPA Method 8330A) was utilized at target hot spots with visible evidence of explosive compounds on soil surface. The average concentration of primary explosive compounds were TNT (3,347 mg/kg), RDX (5,977 mg/kg), and HMX (640 mg/kg). Other explosive compounds were detected in the soils at much lower concentrations.


MuniRem Environmental conducted a baseline characterization of the contaminated soil to determine the type and concentration of explosives present. MuniRem® activators and main reagent were tilled into the explosive contaminated soil. Water was then added to initiate the rapid explosive degradation reaction by MuniRem® reagent. The efficacy of the treatment was monitored 24 hours following application and was confirmed two weeks thereafter.


Analysis of the treated soil samples confirmed that MuniRem® achieved the cleanup goal in the 24 hours after application, which was reconfirmed two weeks later. Further analysis confirmed that the cleanup goal was achieved in two weeks for the hot spot area that had showed visible chunks of explosives. MuniRem® was effective in the remediation of low and high concentrations of explosives in soil. Blackened soil areas following MuniRem® treatment characterized the effectiveness of MuniRem® to instantly neutralize the chunks of explosives in soils within the hot spot areas. The effectiveness of MuniRem® was independently validated by a certified chemical data validator.

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