Major Decontamination Project Completed Successfully

July 31, 2022 MuniRem Environmental, LLC successfully completed a major project to completely decontaminate buildings and equipment previously used for manufacture of munitions. The confidential North American location had buildings, fixtures and equipment, out of use since a serious accident, with both bulk and residual explosive material contamination throughout the structures and equipment. The customer, a leading military contractor, had concluded that only MuniRem Environmental’s technology could achieve the required decontamination in a suitable timeframe.

Explosives that were completely destroyed with MuniRem Reagent included Lead Styphnate Primary Explosive, Tetrazene Primer Mix Explosive, Comp B, RDX, TNT, PETN Primary Explosive, DDNP (dehydrated) Primer Mix Explosive, Primer composition,  Primer Mix Explosive, Explosive sludge of IMX-104, Compo-B, TNT, PAX-21 and aluminum powder.

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