Explosives Neutralization and Disposal

MuniRem reagents offer the safest, fastest, and environmentally responsible solutions for rapid neutralization and destruction of bulk explosives and chemical warfare agents, in support of support bulk explosives disposal, buildings and equipment decontamination, soil, and water remediation. The MuniRem explosives and CWA destruction technology is among the approved alternatives to open burning and open detonation of explosives that are listed in separate reports prepared by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The United States and International defense agencies, as well as commercial explosives industries, apply MuniRem solutions to meet their explosives disposal and decontamination needs safely and cost-effectively. 

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Waste Solutions

MuniRem Environmental is at the leading edge of converting CAFO wastes and recovered nutrients from wastewater into general-purpose biochar fertilizer.  Biochar is produced by pyrolyzing agricultural waste and other plant biomass. The biochar is used to produce high-value compost at existing biosolid and animal manure management facilities, protecting vital surface and groundwater resources from pollution by CAFO waste. 

Coal Power Plants

Cost-effective solutions for the disposal of coal ash, coal ash leachate, and flue gas desulfurization wastewater are highly sought after by the coal power industry, regulatory agencies, and environmental practitioners. Our chemical precipitation and filtration products for the removal of oxyanions and stabilization/solidification of coal combustion residuals offer innovative solutions for coal ash basin closures and leachate treatment.   

Landfill Solutions

Wherever there is a landfill, there is a leachate treatment need. Our proprietary filtration media and phytoremediation solutions offer year-round leachate treatment and compliance. Wood waste, biosolids, and Aluminum dross are converted into compost and treatment media for the landfill leachate.  Where odor is a nuisance to surrounding communities, our solutions will make the difference.


From explosives abandoned in magazines at closed mines to mining and out of specification explosives, we offer products and services for neutralization and destruction of the explosives into non-hazardous end products. Our engineered biochars filter ammonium nitrate from solution as well as heavy metals. We couple biochar and vegetation caps to rehabilitate mine sites and mitigate acid mine leachate contamination. 


Each industry generates a waste stream that is either a liability or a raw material for some other industry or product. MuniRem Environmental does not only talk about the three Rs, but we also put it to practice. Here are a few examples:

  • Wood waste converted to biochar for reforestation, composting, stormwater management, soil remediation
  • Steel slag used to formulate a reagent for water treatment
  • Aluminum cans and Aluminum dross converted to reagents for water treatment
  • Recycled paper sludge ash and recycled glass for the production of cementitious mix
  • Animal manure and biosolids converted to high-value biochar compost

Our waste-to-value innovations reduce not only our carbon footprint but also contribute to the creation of jobs.