MuniRem® – A Proven Viable Alternative to the Disposal of Explosive Wastes by Open Burning/Open Detonation (OB/OD)

MuniRem® is a patented, trademarked chemical reagent that has been proven effective for safely neutralizing and destroying civil and military explosives into non-hazardous end products.  MuniRem® is equally effective in the destruction of lethal (toxic) chemical agents (CA), including chemical munitions (CWM). Additionally, MuniRem® is applied to remediate heavy metals and chlorinated organic contaminants in soil and water.

MuniRem® can effectively destroy discarded bulk explosives or recovered explosives from munitions during demilitarization, neutralize explosive residues in building fixtures and equipment, and remediate explosive-contaminated media such as soil, water, and spent carbon filtration media. The end products of explosives neutralized using MuniRem® are characterized before disposal to avoid air, soil, and water pollution. MuniRem solutions are portable, scalable, and versatile, allowing in-situ and on-site application without significant investment in capital equipment or waste disposal.

The National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine’s Report, “Alternatives for the Demilitarization of Conventional Munitions (2018)”, lists MuniRem among the mature alternatives for demilitarizing conventional munitions. The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s report, “Alternative Treatment Technologies to Opening Burning and Open Detonation of Energetic Hazardous Wastes (2019),” also recognizes MuniRem as a viable alternative to OB/OD.

What differentiates MuniRem from other OB/OD alternatives?

  • MuniRem reagents achieve near-instant neutralization of explosives (energetic hazardous wastes), thereby rapidly neutralizing explosive hazards – SAFETY.
  • MuniRem reagents are shipped to project sites in United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and United Nations approved packaging via air, land, and sea – PORTABILITY.
  • Are packaged in right-sized amounts based on the quantity required for the operation. The size of the neutralization reactor determines how much bulk explosives are to be destroyed per hour – SCALABILITY.
  • MuniRem is not a waste-specific technology, nor is it limited in how it may be used. It effectively destroys bulk primary and secondary explosives, lethal CA, and remediates other organic compounds and heavy metals. It can be used to neutralize bulk explosives, decontaminate explosive residues (e.g., decontaminated munitions production facilities), and remediate explosives contaminated materials and media. – VERSATILITY

Among its other advantages are its (1) relatively simple application process, (2) lower energy requirements, (3) its ability to treat a wide range of civil and military energetic wastes (i.e., explosives, propellants) on-site using a mobile treatment facility; and (4) treated materials are normally characterized as non-hazardous and are potentially suitable for recycling or disposal as solid waste.

MuniRem Environmental LLC offers its innovative MuniRem technology exclusively and worldwide. With its Peace and Better World MuniRem Technology, MuniRem Environmental is a trend setter in reducing the hazards posed by Explosive Remnants of War (e.g., landmines, unexploded ordnance) and other discarded explosives on land and underwater worldwide.

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