MuniRem application to munitions plants


MuniRem Environmental, LLC chemistries achieve instant neutralization and destruction of explosive compounds to innocuous by-products. MuniRem has been successfully demonstrated at active and former explosives manufacturing and demilitarization facilities to achieve rapid decontamination of explosives in buildings (walls, sumps and pipes), equipment, and spent GAC, sludge, and scrap metal.

MuniRem is applied as a powder or dissolved in water and sprayed on surfaces in the same manner as the spray of steam to decontaminate explosives on surfaces. Scrap metal and other munitions casings are decontaminated in a bath of MuniRem achieving the highest level of surface decontamination. The resulting wastewater from the decontamination process is characterized prior to disposal as a non-hazardous waste.

MuniRem® offers a safer, scalable, faster and low cost alternative for decontamination and remediation of explosives. Adding MuniRem to an existing steam decontamination process does not require a modified RECRA permit.For manufacturing plants, there are potential savings of as much as 50% of current costs as a result of:

  • labor savings through reduced time for decontamination process
  • wastewater is non-hazardous
  • there is no longer hazardous sludge for disposal
  • there is no longer hazardous activated carbon for disposal

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