MuniRem decontaminates building contaminated with H-6


MuniRem Environmental successfully decontaminates buildings and equipment that was heavily contaminated with H6 Residues, including in chunks weighting 2lbs.

Working with its partner Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises (OTIE), MuniRem Environmental, LLC (MRE) successfully completed a major decontamination project at Camp Minden, LA. The site was a disused army ammunition plant, with heavy explosives contamination of the building and the equipment. In addition, during the project large quantities of solidified explosive were discovered and had to be safely recovered and immediately neutralized with MuniRem reagent as part of the project.

The manufacturing equipment was safely disassembled while being treated with MuniRem solution. The disassembled equipment pieces were further decontaminated for recycling by soaking in baths of MuniRem solution. Large chunks of explosives discovered during the disassembly were recovered and neutralized to non-hazardous end-products in MuniRem solution. In total, close to 1000lbs of solid explosives, mostly large chunks, were recovered and neutralized by the MRE and OTIE teams.

The image shows workers in PPE spraying MuniRem reagent in solution to neutralize explosive residues on the floors and walls. MuniRem penetrates cracks and crevices to render the building safe for demolition.

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