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Safe removal of H-6 Explosives from equipment and on-site neutralization by MuniRem®

Building and Equipment Decontamination


MuniRem reactor system
Compact reactor system for destruction of explosives with MuniRem Reagent

Engagement details

Client: Confidential Private Industry Client
Site: Explo Systems, Inc. Site. Former Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant, Camp Minden, Louisiana
Task: Safe Recovery of H-6 Explosives from Equipment and On-site Neutralization
Date: February 2015


H-6 (1.1D) explosives contamination was present in bulk and residual form on a Melter/Flaker machine
within a building. After review of multiple solutions, the client specified the use of MuniRem Reagent
for safe recovery and neutralization of the bulk explosives from the equipment. The photos below show
the recovered H-6 (some chunks were 13” long) and processing with MuniRem.


Initial spray application of MuniRem solution was used to desensitize smaller pieces of the
H-6 explosives instantly, enabling for safe ingress/egress for intensive recovery of large
H-6 chunks. Under a continuous spray of MuniRem solution, the staff removed and
transported manageable small batches of H-6 bulk material from hopper and tray
assemblies to the nearby process area. This explosive material was then neutralized in
reaction tanks. Solid and liquid generated waste products were tested for explosives
and stored for subsequent transport as nonhazardous material.


The project team safely removed bulk explosive material from the Melter/Flaker machine. Although the
project plan was based on the assumption that approximately 200 lbs of H-6 was left on the
Melter/Flaker unit, over 900 lbs of bulk explosive material was eventually recovered; including over 950
lbs of solids (sludge and sediment). Recovery and neutralization of the bulk H-6 enabled dismantling
the Melter/Flaker machine, support structures, conveyor assembly, fume hood, ducts and wooden
platform with hand tools. The generated wastewater was characterized and determined to be nonhazardous;
achieving regulatory level compliance in the final disposition of waste streams (liquids and
solids) for characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, explosivity, and toxicity.
The project team successfully adapted MuniRem application practices to overcome inclement weather
conditions that were unusual for the Camp Minden region; two days of snow, freezing rain, and
multiple days with temperatures below freezing.