Acid Mine Waste Remediation

MuniRem Environmental has two solutions for Acid Mine Waste Remediation

Limestone Buffered Organic Substrate

Limestone Buffered Organic Substrate (LBOS) is typically used for passive treatment of shallow groundwater, mine waste, and coal pile ash ponds. LBOS is a propriety blend of limestone, compost material, black carbon and gypsum; the exact formulations of which is based on the site hydrogechemistry and the metals of concern.

The LBOS system generates its own alkalinity and can be used ex-situ or as an in-situ barrier for shallow groundwater. The metals are precipitated out as metal sulfides. The system is cost-effective and long-lasting and is capable of protecting environmental habitats, ensuring groundwater security, and providing substantial cost savings for mining companies faced with mine waste problems at active or abandoned mine sites.

MuniRem-BC Reagent

Our MuniRem-BC product combines metal sorption by pyrolyzed black carbon with precipitation of metals of concern. The recalcitrant black carbon has a high surface area and cation exchange capacity, making it a versatile effective material for longterm immobilization of metals.

Porous wood biochar combined with phytoremediation to remediate contaminate soil and wastewater