Energetics Disposal

MuniRem is a scalable and versatile solution for chemical neutralization and destruction (or disposal) of a broad range of explosives and chemical warfare agents. Recovered bomb fillers, discarded energetics, explosives abandoned in storage magazines that have become unstable (e.g., sweating dynamite) are safely disposed of using MuniRem reagents.

MuniRem Environmental, LLC  partnered with RAM Inc. on a series of projects to chemically neutralize and destroy bulk energetics. Click on the link below for information about bulk energetics disposal.

Bulk Energetics Disposal and Residual Explosives Remediation

Dynamite Sticks in Storage Magazine
Dynamite Soaked with MuniRem Solution to Allow for Safe Recovery
Destruction of Dynamite in MuniRem Reagent Solution
Magazin Before and After Destruction of Dynamite with MuniRem Reagents

MuniRem® has demonstrated its rapid and complete neutralization of energetics in projectiles and decontaminated explosive residues on bomb casings to US DOD 5x levels

  • Complete, instant and rapid neutralization in under 30 minutes
  • Effluent water contained non-detect concentrations of the explosive compounds of interest
  • Bomb casings registered no detectable explosive compounds or intermediate products after treatment.
Wet picric acid recovered from explosive D projectiles