Munirem Reagents compared to alternative methods

Traditional Remediation Methods1
MuniRem Reagent


  • Weeks to months to years
  • Dig & haul slow and not scalable
  • Combustion takes hours to weeks
  • Large expensive, immobile equipment
  • Generally requires removal from site
  • Results generally achieved in hours to days after application
  • Simple and quick setup and application
  • Training usually takes 1 week or less


  • Dig & haul does not remediate hazardous materials, just moves them elsewhere
  • Potentially hazardous pH conditions in alkaline hydrolysis and other treatments
  • Incineration & thermal treatments emit large amounts of greenhouse gases
  • Rapid, in-situ or ex-situ and 100% eco-friendly mass destruction of contaminant of concern
  • Creates innocuous by-product


  • Burdensome, complicated & dangerous
  • Careful handling & monitoring required
  • Safe room temperature & pH process
  • Little danger to the user or community

Cost / Capital

  • High upfront plant and equipment costs
  • High upfront and post-treatment costs
  • Digging / transportation
  • By-product remediation
  • Flexible and scalable with a “pay-as-you-go” model
  • No material upfront costs
  • Typically 30-50% less expensive
MuniRem® is applied at US Department of Defense installations and worldwide to:
  • Neutralize recovered bomb contents and decontaminate bomb casings
  • Rapidly treat high concentrations of DNTs, TNT, RDX, HMX, and other explosives in soils
  • Degrade explosives in water, including pink water, to non-detect concentrations
  • Degrade explosives in spent activated carbon (GAC) from pink water treatment
  • Neutralize highly reactive open burn open detonation (OBOD) ash
  • Treat bag house waste, which then passes the TCLP test
  • Destroy high explosives and stabilize metals in demilitarization sludge
  • Destroy solid propellants and Nitrocellulose fines
  • Destroy chemical warfare agents (sulfur mustard, sarin gas, Novichok, etc.) to non-hazardous end-products
  • Decontaminate walls and floors in explosives handling and processing buildings using a spray of liquid MuniRem reagent
  • Decontaminate demilitarization/militarization equipment
Half shell before and after MuniRem soak to 5X level decontamination
Half shell cleaned to DoD 5x level decontamination with MuniRem Reagent