Munirem Reagents

MuniRem Reagent is a mature and award winning technology utilizing reduction chemistry to instantly neutralize and degrade explosives and chemical warfare materiels (CWM), while also stabilizing metals as the insoluble metal sulfides.

MuniRem is a solution for a broad range of explosives and munitions constituents including Mustard (CWM), HMX, RDX, TNT, TNR, DNTs, ADNTs, NBs, NDMA, Black Powder, Lead Styphnate, Nitrocellulose, Nitroguanidine, PETN, PBX and reactive Aluminum.  The very short cleanup time and closeout associated with this technology eliminates the O&M costs (30 – 50% savings) associated with other remediation technologies.

MuniRem Reagents have been used in demilitarization and remediation projects at United States Department of Defense installations, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and private industry sites.

MuniRem Reagent comes in a variety of formulations and its application is tailored to each site to ensure optimum performance and desired results. It can be applied as a solid or aqueous solution.

  • Contaminated soils treatment involves mixing MuniRem® powder into the soils and adding water to achieve in-situ or ex-situ remediation
  • Groundwater remediation involves injection of the MuniRem® solution into the site groundwater to instantly degrade the dissolved contaminants and create permeable reactive aquifer solids for long-term treatment of the plume
  • Decontamination applications involve spraying the MuniRem® solution on building walls, large equipment and scrap metals (including bombs shells, bomb components, projectiles); and soaking small sized equipment in MuniRem® baths
  •  Alternative to Open Burn/Open Detonation involves application of MuniRem® in solution or powder form to neutralize bulk explosives and destroy residual explosives in different materials


Traditional Remediation Methods1
MuniRem Reagent


  • Weeks to months to years
  • Dig & haul slow and not scalable
  • Combustion takes hours to weeks
  • Large expensive, immobile equipment
  • Generally requires removal from site
  • Results generally achieved in hours to days after application
  • Simple and quick setup and application
  • Training usually takes 1 week or less


  • Dig & haul does not remediate hazardous materials, just moves them elsewhere
  • Potentially hazardous pH conditions in alkaline hydrolysis and other treatments
  • Incineration & thermal treatments emit large amounts of greenhouse gases
  • Rapid, in-situ or ex-situ and 100% eco-friendly mass destruction of contaminant of concern
  • Creates innocuous by-product


  • Burdensome, complicated & dangerous
  • Careful handling & monitoring required
  • Safe room temperature & pH process
  • Little danger to the user or community

Cost / Capital

  • High upfront plant and equipment costs
  • High upfront and post-treatment costs
  • Digging / transportation
  • By-product remediation
  • Flexible and scalable with a “pay-as-you-go” model
  • No material upfront costs
  • Typically 30-50% less expensive



MuniRem® has been demonstrated and validated at US Department of Defense installations to:
  • Neutralize recovered bomb contents and decontaminate bomb casings;
  • Rapidly treat high concentrations of TNT, RDX and HMX in soils;
  • Degrade explosives in water including pink water to non-detect concentrations;
  • Degrade explosives in spent activated carbon (GAC) from pink water treatment;
  • Neutralize highly reactive open burn open detonation (OBOD) ash;
  • Treat bag house waste which passed TCLP test;
  • Destroy high explosives and stabilize metals in demilitarization sludge;
  • Neutralize solid propellants of different particle sizes;
  • Degrade sulfur mustard to ethylene gas (the same gas from degradation of chlorinated solvents by zero valent iron and anaerobic bacteria);
  • Decontaminate walls in explosives handling and processing buildings using a spray of liquid MuniRem reagent;
  • Decontaminate demilitarization/militarization equipment.
Half shell before and after MuniRem soak to 5X level decontamination
Half shell cleaned to DoD 5x level decontamination with MuniRem Reagent